October 9, 2014 by Roman Ožana

3 Big Benefits of Automated Testing

Speed and robustness are absolute requirements for the survival of modern websites and applications. Failures or performance issues can end up costing business their reputation and hurt their rankings in search engines.

Development teams are expected to deliver high-quality products, and at the same time, under pressure to keep costs low. For many teams, implementing automated testing into their development process is the best way to use their resources and time efficiently.

We pulled together a short list to help you understand some of the ways automated testing can help you make the most out of your time and resources.

More time to spend on other tasks.

One of the biggest benefits of automating certain areas of your testing is that it saves you time. Retesting your website or application when you introduce new features or make changes to an existing feature to verify everything is still working takes time – time that teams sometimes don’t have.

Although the upfront costs for manual testing are often much lower than automated testing, it’s extremely time-consuming.

As a result, testing often gets neglected because of the time and money it takes to do it right. But there are consequences for not testing – lower product quality, unhappy customers, and higher costs to correct these problems.

Automating tests after every deployment can help free up time for you to spend working on areas that require non-automated testing and helps you deliver a higher quality product.

You’ll also end up with more time for working on improvements or new features!

Faster tests and repeatability.

When you’re working in an agile environment, it’s important to be able to react quickly to changing requirements and technologies!

Automated testing allows you to re-run identical tests and removes the risk of human error, which can result in problems being overlooked or invalid bugs being reported. Both of which can end up eating up your time.

In addition, your tests are faster since they are run by tools (Testomato runs project tests in less than a minute), and they can also often be reused across different versions.

Reduce the cost of failure.

Incorporating some automated tests into your development process and fixed cycles means you can:

  • Test more quickly to help reduce the cost of development.
  • Test more effectively, so resources are better put to use.
  • Increase the speed new updates reach your end-users.

Cost reduction can also be an added benefit, but it’s not a complete replacement for a testing role within your team.

In a nutshell, automation helps you cut costs by reducing the time it takes to run tests and improves the reliability of your testing, which normally translates into a higher quality product. Over time, this should help you reduce how much of time and money you spend fixing problems.

Caveat: It’s Not a Silver Bullet

While automated testing is without a doubt a time saver, it’s not fail-safe. Our team has experienced the benefits of automated testing, and it’s why we built a product that makes it more accessible to everyone.

That being said: It’s not a silver bullet.

It’s important to understand automated testing isn’t perfect and only as good as the tests you provide. You shouldn’t view it as a guarantee that your application is error-free. In our experience, we’ve found that sometimes you just can’t beat a good pair of eyes.

Do you agree with this list of ways automated testing can be helpful for teams? 

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