January 26, 2016 by Diana Bocco

Why Website Speed is Critical (and How You Can Speed Up Yours)

When it comes to online shopping, nothing says “happy customers” better than a fast website. In fact, one in four visitors will abandon a site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load – a sure way to lose potential sales and the chance to grow.

Why Website Speed is Critical (and How You Can Speed Up Yours)

The answer? In many cases, a simple redesign or reorganization of your website will result in faster speeds. This might mean getting rid of widgets that are using up memory, simplifying the design or optimizing your images.

For some websites, the key to faster loading is to get rid of Flash and use HTML5 instead.

There are also backend solutions to speed a website. A simple one is to use plugins to create content that is essentially static, so it doesn’t have to be actively loaded every time the website is accessed. This speeds up server processing and creates a better viewing experience on both computers and mobiles.

If you don’t think a single change here and there can make much of a difference, think again.


Here are some more stats and tips to help you optimize your website.


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