September 20, 2021 by Diana Bocco

10 Timeless eCommerce Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

Ecommerce is an ever-changing industry –and as the digital world and gadgets evolve and become more useful, an online store must adapt to remain relevant and near its potential consumers.

10 Timeless eCommerce Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

In this post, we’ll go over the most up-to-date timeless eCommerce strategies to help you maintain your online business relevant and function effectively.

1- Avoid hidden costs

Small companies are more likely to struggle to sell when customers see one price on the front end and then a significantly higher one at checkout owing to shipping costs and taxes. To eliminate this, include shipping and any additional costs immediately, or specify that the price does not include VAT.

As a result, many websites provide free shipping on orders above a specific amount. Consider integrating a shopping cart feature that informs customers of the estimated shipping cost and adds products to their cart.

2 -Don’t force customers to register

Allow users to log in or check out as a guest at all times. When customers believe they would just use a website once, they are hesitant to register accounts. Others find passwords difficult to remember.

The point is that you should never offer your customers a reason not to purchase from you. Registration is an extra step in today’s fast-paced culture, and it’s another more way to lose a convert.

3 – Blog on your site

Blogging is an excellent method to establish a reputation in your desired sector while building relationships with customers. This can help you differentiate yourself from larger companies and position yourself as an expert in your market.

When writing copy, always use the second person. You are less likely to capture the reader’s attention if you write about your own thoughts about a product than if you tell them how your product can assist them.

Here’s another tip. If the security of your blog is your biggest concern, it is highly recommended to start with WordPress Blog because WordPress provides strong security.

4 – Create category pages

One of the best things about running a small business is giving personalized service to your clients. Why not make the experience engaging and enjoyable for your consumers instead of a simple white screen with product pictures?

If you offer jewelry, you might divide it into sections like “Date Night” and “Everyday” to assist customers in narrowing down their options. You may also incorporate interesting quotes from books or movies that are related.

5 – Guest posts on other blogs

You enhance your chances of expanding your client base by connecting with other blogs that serve the same users. If you’re selling power tools, for example, contact a home improvement blog. Begin by following and participating with their posts, then leave a comment with a link to your page.

You can also inquire if they are interested in exchanging guest posts. Allow the other person to create a fascinating post about home renovation on your website, and then write an entertaining piece about the best tools to use on theirs. This is a free advertisement!

6 – Make product videos

As essential as textual material is, let’s face it, seeing a video is even more convenient than reading. A short product video is beneficial since it allows you to demonstrate how your product appears and functions.

Customers who are hesitant about testing a new product will feel more at ease after seeing how well it works for themselves. Making them is simple and quick—no need to hire a professional photographer, as most cell phones have adequate cameras.

7 – Don’t ignore social media

You have fantastic material, but how do you get people to see it? One of the most effective methods to reach a new demographic is to upload high-quality photos to sites like Instagram.

Anyone looking for what you’re offering will be able to quickly locate your business if you use hashtags with target terms. Pinterest is another excellent site to share your items and ideas for how to utilize them.

8 – Focus on customer service

There are many excellent customer care plugins available that are simple to set up on your website. Customers can ask you questions in real-time using systems such as WP-Live Chat. To secure that sale, any queries they may have can be quickly answered.

Other plugins, such as Zendesk, Help Scout, or Awesome Support, allow your customers to contact you with any complaints or problems they may have. This enables you to quickly resolve any issues that emerge while also retaining valuable clients.

9 – Write product descriptions

You want to know exactly how a thing operates before you buy it, especially if you can’t see it yourself. Generic product descriptions will never persuade customers to purchase. Make sure you describe your product’s durability, function, and look in-depth. To attract your audience, use juicy keywords and phrases.

10 – Use giveaways to increase email subscriptions

It’s a lot simpler to convince customers to sign up for a reward than it is to get them to join your email list. You may generate awareness and even attract repeat consumers by giving away your items for free.

Most individuals would rather buy a product they already know and love than take a risk on something new. Plus, because they’re all on your email list, it’ll be easy to remind them about your products and blogs in the future.

Final Words

You’ll have to play with different page layouts, where you put your content, and how you connect with customers. With each new part you deploy, be sure to measure site traffic.

What is the busiest time of day for your business? Make it a point to provide content at this time every day. Play around with categories and keywords to determine where most of your visitors are coming from. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, so verify your assumptions and then proceed with what the data indicates is the best choice.

You are on your way to making loyal customers and assuring numerous conversions in the coming years if you use these ten e-commerce strategies for your small business. And don’t forget to have a good time while you’re doing it. Your enthusiasm will always shine through.

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