June 3, 2021 by Diana Bocco

10 AI-Powered Mobile Apps That Are Changing the World of Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is here to make user experiences easy.

10 AI-Powered Mobile Apps That Are Changing the World of Digital Marketing

Advancements like speech recognition, natural language, voice recognition, and image and text interpretation are helping large as well as small businesses improve.

AI has enabled computers and machines to interpret and respond like a human would, reducing human resources, time, and cost.

AI facilitates small businesses in various ways, such as with the use of chatbots and automated replies on websites for people’s queries. AI is helping small businesses conduct their operations with ease and facilitating them in multiple ways. This helps businesses streamline their process.

Let’s have a look at a few applications of AI in digital marketing:

Crystal – Customer Relationship Management App

Customer relationship management has been made seamless with AI apps. With AI-enabled apps, small businesses are able to gather and understand the needs and requirements of their audience and plan their strategies accordingly.

Crystal is an app that helps connect sales, hiring, and training processes. The app uses the personalities of sales leads to link up with prospects. It makes use of apps such as LinkedIn or HubSpot to evaluate the personalities of people involved. It also provides the best possible solutions based on personality deductions.

X.ai – Personal Assistant App

For small businesses, it is an additional expense to hire people for each task. AI apps are making it much easier for small business owners to have a personal assistant which can manage their tasks, set reminders, and send notifications. This is a great way to save human resources, cost as well as time.

X.ai is an app for scheduling; it uses your schedule and availability to manage meetings and appointments. It notifies you about your meetings as well as replies to emails. Apps like these are helping small businesses manage their work in an efficient way.

OptinMonster – Lead Generation

Lead generation is one task that every small business struggles with. OptinMonster is an AI-based system that helps in lead generation for increased sales. It includes Lightbox Popups, Floating Bars, scroll boxes, Page Level Targeting, geolocation targeting, etc. These features help you monitor the user gestures which is essential for targeted campaigns.

FlowOX – Customer Service

AI-enabled apps and systems have made customer service easier for people, and more than 80% of businesses now use chatbots for customer services. It has helped in reducing human resources as well as time for small businesses.

FlowOX is an automated chatbot tool that helps you communicate with the audience on the website as well as social media platforms.

Insight Squared – Data Analysis

Data analysis is equally essential for small businesses as it is for large businesses. Data is used to make informed decisions for small businesses as well as helps with sales, customer service, marketing, and accounting.

Insight Squared is an excellent tool for data analysis as it analyses a company’s historical data and gives detailed insights. It also helps with recommendations for sales as well as marketing. The AI-based tool is helping small businesses with costs and helps them analyze their data for more informed decisions.

MarketMuse – Content Strategy

Content is important for businesses of all sizes and scale; may it be a small business they need content to engage and attract an audience. It is difficult for small businesses to hire strategists and make elaborate strategies with them.

However, AI has enabled small businesses to establish content strategy using apps that can analyze their content and help with suggestions on improving their operations and maintain a good step of actions to promote their business.

MarketMuse is a tool that can help you make your marketing campaign competitive using AI. You can predict content success, craft better content, and create content faster and much more using the app. It also helps you compare your content with others as well as helps in optimizing the data as well.

HighRise – Lead and Manage Follow-ups

Digital marketing involves managing several teams and tasks simultaneously. To decrease the time involved in assigning tasks apps prove to be helpful. HighRise is a tool for small businesses which helps in managing teams, assigning them tasks, and tracking results.

You can easily import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, and other places. It also lets users add notes or comments which can be seen by others. Create, assign and delegate tasks to the teams within a few seconds.

Zoho – CRM

Digital marketing is highly dependent on customer’s information and behaviors. These insights help marketers make important and informed decisions. Zoho is a CRM that helps in getting insights from key metrics to check sales trends.

You can access information and modify even when you are offline. All of the data is consolidated in a single place which helps marketers manage their data.

Grammarly – Content Correction

Digital marketing involves a lot of content marketing as well. For you to cross-check your content you require a lot of energy and human resource. Grammarly is an AI-enabled app that helps you proofread your content. This amazing tool is helping you replace the human workforce and helps you in identifying issues in your content.

The app also allows you easy integration with other apps, so that you can identify issues easily while typing a letter or an email and identify your mistakes within seconds. Moreover, the app also suggests you better form of expression, etc.

Uberflip – Experiences

For a more personalized experience businesses have to spend a lot of time and energy. However, Uberflip is an interesting AI-enabled app that helps you personalize content experiences. While using the app, you can access Content consumption insights which will help you make more informed decisions. The dashboard helps you monitor the customer behavior and why the purchasing time is slow.

Moreover, real-time personalization and AI-powered content recommendations help further in making user experience better. The app helps you understand the user perspective and help you plan content that can get consumed faster.

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